May: Intro to Rust + Intro to Typed and Polymorphic Languages

Posted: May 3, 2015 by marioeaquino in Uncategorized

Good people of Lambda Lounge, I am extremely excited to announce the next meeting, which will take place Thursday, May 7. We have two great talks that will entertain and boggle the mind.  First, in “Intro to Rust“, David Sullins will explore the Rust systems-programming language and highlight its safety, concurrency, and speed-related features. Next, a presentation by Soumya Sanyal and Chris Hathhorn will provide an “Introduction to Typed and Polymorphic Languages” with examples of typed and untyped lambda calculi in Haskell. Bring aspirin and a warm towel to wrap around your head for this one.

The food sponsor for this month is Preferred Resources, who will be providing a variety of pizzas from Fortel’s.

As usual, attendees are welcome to bring a refreshing beverage of their choice. Also, we appreciate any non-perishable food donations, which will be delivered to Circle of Concern by yours truly.

Finally, I am hoping to welcome some new folks to the group this month who will be participating in the Lambda Mentors program that I announced at the last meeting.  Please come and welcome new folks who are trying to get established in our field as well as support the mentors who will be working with them.

Doors open at 6.


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