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Haskell in August

Posted: August 1, 2012 by Alex Miller in Uncategorized

Hard to believe we’re in August already but this month’s Lambda Lounge has two Haskell related talks:

  • Asteroids! A Computational Physics Project Ported from Fortran to Haskell – Scott Bale
  • Delimited Continuations and Haskell – Deech

I don’t think I could describe the first talk better than to provide you a description from Scott himself:

First, I expect this presentation to have *zero* practical value. I am hoping it sells itself on it’s geek merits alone. In Spring 1995, as a physics undergraduate, as a final project in a computational physics class, I wrote a Fortran program to simulate the orbit around the Sun of an asteroid in the asteroid belt, perturbed by the orbit of Jupiter, and demonstrate the difference between the asteroid being in a orbit resonant with Jupiter’s or not. The asteroid’s motion is described by an ordinary differential equation given to me by Sir Isaac Newton himself; the program uses the Fourth-Order Runge Kutta method to approximate a solution. For this presentation, I am attempting to port this program to Haskell and report on any interesting comparisons/contrasts with the original program.

You may be interested in this presentation if you are interested in: Haskell, Fortran, functional programming, Newtonian mechanics, the solar system, differential equations, numerical analysis, OpenGL, the Millennium Falcon chase through the asteroid field from The Empire Strikes Back. (No promises on that last one.)
Deech’s talk will be a reprise of his former talk on delimited continuations in Haskell hopefully this time with slides that were tragically lost at the original airing.
Pizza will be provided by OCI – thanks!