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February Meeting

Posted: January 31, 2009 by Alex Miller in Uncategorized
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The February meeting is just around the corner this coming Thursday February 5th at 6 pm.

On tap for this month:

  • Nate Young – Functional programming with Javascript
  • Alex Miller – Actor concurrency with Erlang

Nate will be talking about some aspects of the Lambda Calculus and how they can be implemented in Javascript and how to use method chaining/continuation passing to develop event-driven web pages.

Alex will be talking about actor concurrency, which is a different model for concurrency than the more common shared state and locks model that is prevalent today. It’s based on processes (light-weight user-space threads) and message-passing. Erlang is probably the best-known language to embrace actor concurrency and will be the focus of the examples.

More info:

Hope to see you there!


January meeting

Posted: January 8, 2009 by Alex Miller in Uncategorized
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The January meeting was held last night and about 40 people showed up, so another great turn-out. I think the presentations from Mario, David, and Mark were all fun topics and I learned a lot. I blogged at much greater length what transpired so I won’t repeat it here. Many thanks to all for coming out!

Stop in next month (February 5th) for talks on Actor concurrency (from me) and functional programming in Javascript from Nate Young.

Thanks everyone for getting the group off to a solid first couple months…