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It is (will be) a new year and the first Lambda Lounge of 2014 is nearly upon us. Thursday (1/2) is the next Lambda Lounge, featuring two talks: John Daily will present on Conflict-free Replicated Data Types and Jessica Kerr will give a talk called When Code Reacts to Data (Scalaz Streams). John is coming in all the way from Indianapolis to deliver his talk, and Jessica’s has only been heard once by a conference audience in London recently.

Also, I will be delivering any non-perishable food donations to Circle of Concern on the Saturday after the meeting. Thank you to everyone who has donated and I welcome anyone to consider bringing something for donation to the next meeting.

The food sponsor for the meeting is Basho.

Doors open at 6. Feel free to bring a cool beverage of your choice. If you need directions to the meeting, you can find a map here.