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July Meeting!

Posted: June 30, 2010 by Alex Miller in Uncategorized

You didn’t think you could get out of doing your homework just because it was summer did you?

We’ll kick off the Lambda Lounge meeting on July 1st with the first (and hopefully not the last) edition of the NOSQL Summer St. Louis meeting. The idea behind NOSQL Summer is to get groups of people together in different cities to read important and influential papers related to NOSQL databases.

For this first edition, we’ll be discussing the Amazon Dynamo paper that lays out the architecture for Amazon’s Dynamo storage architecture underlying many Amazon web services. Note: this is not a “talk”, but a discussion. If you haven’t done your homework by reading the paper, you may or may not have any clue what we’re talking about. We’ll discuss the components that make up Dynamo’s storage system, how those components make tradeoffs between each other and compared to other storage systems, and some open questions about why a Dynamo-like system might be useful for you. We will conclude with some discussion about whether the readings should continue, where/how that can happen, and what to read next.

Following the discussion (presuming there is time), Alex Miller will present a short talk on concurrency in Groovy with GPars.

Meeting is 6 pm at Appistry, as usual… We are still seeking a pizza sponsor for the July meeting!


June meeting

Posted: June 1, 2010 by Alex Miller in Uncategorized

It’s that time again – the June meeting of Lambda Lounge is this Thursday, 6 pm at Appistry HQ as usual.  This month’s pizza is brought to you by NetEffects.  Many thanks to them!!

We have two great talks lined up.  First we have Scott Bale on “JavaScript Functions : The Good Parts – Idioms for Inheritance and Encapsulation” talking about things such as:

  • the ‘this’ keyword – what object it’s bound to depends on how the function is invoked
  • JavaScript module pattern
  • JavaScript prototypes
  • JavaScript inheritance – pseudoclassical versus prototypal

Second, we have Aditya Siram bringing us web apps built in Haskell without all that jazz you typically use in Java.

Coming up in July, we’ll incubate a kick-off meeting of the NoSQL Summer reading group, talking about the famous Amazon Dynamo paper.  Please read the paper before the meeting if at all possible (the paper itself is only 14 pages and kickstarted many of the “NoSQL” databases around today).  If you have any interest in leading discussions, attending follow up meetings apart from Lambda Lounge, or getting involved with this idea, please sign up for the email list on the NoSQL Summer site.  There will also be a talk by Alex Miller about the GPars Groovy concurrency library.

You can find future events on the schedule page.