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July meeting brought to you by the letter F

Posted: June 29, 2009 by Alex Miller in Uncategorized

This month at the Lambda Lounge (Thursday, July 2nd, 6 pm), we will bringing you two NEW languages that start with F.

First, Alex Miller will be introducing you to a research language called Fortress aimed at people doing scientific computation on large (peta-size) systems. It is a language that explicitly tries to meet the challenge of running systems up to a million cores and is “infested” with parallelism. This is a language for tomorrow.

Next, Scott Bale will be talking about the Fan programming language. This language takes the best of languages like Java and C#, throws out the cruft, and bleeds in some modern features.

Should be a great night with two languages making their debut at the Lounge.


June Meeting – Haskell and MacRuby

Posted: June 1, 2009 by marioeaquino in Uncategorized

Thursday evening (6/4/09) is the next gathering of the St. Louis Lambda Lounge and it promises to be an evening of geektacity the likes of which has not been seen for roughly 30 days.  Local functional-programming guru and all-around tall guy Alex Stangl will be holding court on a Haskell implementation of the Vending Machine spec written for the May Shootout.  Mortals, prepare to have your puny brains expanded!

Whatever remains of the audiences’ capacity for rational thought after Alex has delivered his concession-stand automata master work will be thoroughly obliterated by the awesome and terrifying MacRuby –prettiest and most blood-thirsty of all current Ruby-language implementations.  Mario Aquino will introduce MacRuby, using several code examples to highlight rich user interface features made available to Ruby programs on that platform.