February Meeting

Posted: January 31, 2009 by Alex Miller in Uncategorized
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The February meeting is just around the corner this coming Thursday February 5th at 6 pm.

On tap for this month:

  • Nate Young – Functional programming with Javascript
  • Alex Miller – Actor concurrency with Erlang

Nate will be talking about some aspects of the Lambda Calculus and how they can be implemented in Javascript and how to use method chaining/continuation passing to develop event-driven web pages.

Alex will be talking about actor concurrency, which is a different model for concurrency than the more common shared state and locks model that is prevalent today. It’s based on processes (light-weight user-space threads) and message-passing. Erlang is probably the best-known language to embrace actor concurrency and will be the focus of the examples.

More info:

Hope to see you there!


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