March: 11 Papers Every Lambda Lounger Should Read Twice

Posted: March 2, 2015 by marioeaquino in Uncategorized

The March Lambda Lounge will feature a series of lightning-talk style overviews of 11 different influential computer science papers. Originally listed on Michael Fogus’ blog, these papers cover some important thinking on the topics functional programming and distributed computing. Catered Mexican food for this meeting is sponsored by Asynchrony. As usual, attendees are welcome to bring a refreshing beverage of their choice (some soda will be provided). Also, if anyone would like to bring non-perishable food or other in-kind items for donation to Circle of Concern, those donations will be delivered on the Saturday after the meeting. This meeting will cover some great ideas in the field of programming. I hope you can join us and participate in the discussion.

The meeting will be held in room 225 of the Climate Corp offices. Doors open at 6. A map to the building of the meeting place can be found here.


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