core.async & Prisoner’s Dilemma

Posted: September 3, 2013 by marioeaquino in Uncategorized

On Thursday, September 5, come to Lambda Lounge to hear Alex Miller talk about the core.async library, which is a new contrib library for Clojure that adds support for asynchronous programming using channels.  Also on the schedule for Thursday night is a talk Mario Aquino will be presenting about the classic game theory problem Prisoner’s Dilemma as implemented in Scala. If you like software, pizza, socializing with intelligent software devs, or participating in a welcoming community, please come out share your brain cycles with us.

The pizza sponsor for that meeting is Preferred Resources, Inc. (

Doors open at 6.  You can find a map to the meeting location here.  Bring a friend who has never attended a meeting and/or a non-perishable food donation to be delivered to the Circle of Concern food pantry in Valley Park.


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