Stats Primer

Posted: April 2, 2013 by marioeaquino in Uncategorized
The double bill for the first Thursday of the month meeting includes a group discussion on two papers: Socio-PLT: Principles for Programming Language Adoption and Social Influences on Language Adoption, as well as a Statistics Primer given by Professor Andreas Stefik.  The night will actually be more like “The Andreas Show” because Dr. Stefik has graciously agreed to lead the discussion on the papers as well as give the stats talk.  The paper discussion needs to be a group activity, so if you can make it to the meeting please take time  to read both papers and come with an opinion.  The group discussion could easily go all night, but will be capped at 45 minutes.  The same for the stats talk.  If you are interested in machine learning and big data, statistics is a related topic and would be beneficial understand (as Tom Wheeler pointed out at the last Lambda Lounge).
Our pizza sponsor this month is Asynchrony:

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