June: Zookeeper and Erlang

Posted: June 4, 2012 by Alex Miller in Uncategorized

Lambda Lounge June is this Thursday at 6:00 pm as usual.  We’ve got two great talks lined up:

  1. Tom Wheeler will be doing an overview of Zookeeper, the ever more important distributed control service used with Hadoop and a number of other distributed frameworks.
  2. Ben Lee will be giving us “A Taste of Erlang” – get your feet with your favorite Swedish functional programming language.
Some of you may recall local entrepreneur Michael Schade. Sadly he has left St. Louis, but happily he is now supporting developers at Stripe, a service that makes it easy for developers to process credit cards.  Stripe will be sponsoring Lambda Lounge this month!  Thanks Stripe!
Also, I have Lambda Lounge STICKERS!  But you have to come to the meeting if you want one.

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