Lambda Lounge March

Posted: February 28, 2011 by Alex Miller in Uncategorized

It’s time for the March meeting of the Lambda Lounge!

We’ll have talks on two new topics this month:

  • Inform 7 – a DSL for Interactive Fiction – Adam Thornton
  • Source Code Version Management with Branching & Merging – Stephen Venters

Adam will walk us through a different kind of language than we normally see – Inform 7 is a domain specific language for creating interactive fiction like the classic Zork of old.

Stephen Venters will be talking about version control management, specifically how to work with branching and merging to leverage the full capability of your VCS.

This meeting will be the LAST meeting at Appistry. 😦 Appistry has been an eager and amazing host since the very first Lambda Lounge meeting in December 2008. Having them available as a stable home for the Lambda Lounge has been an important part of the group’s success. In particular, I want to thank Michael Groner for his tireless work setting up and tearing down for the meeting at Appistry over the last couple years. In the future we will probably be at the Revelytix offices in Kirkwood but that will be announced for sure before the April meeting.


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