August meeting: Scala monads and NetKernel

Posted: August 3, 2010 by Alex Miller in Uncategorized

We have some hard-core geekery lined up for the August meeting this Thursday night. Tim Dalton will be bringing his Scala mastery to perennial subject of monads. Personally, I’m curious on his position as to whether monads are or are not burritos.

In addition, we’ll have a talk by Darren Cruse about NetKernel, which is a platform for building “resource-oriented” systems. NetKernel makes strong claims about their ability to create a decoupled scalable architecture that remind me of the best parts of Erlang and SOA. I’m looking forward to hearing what Darren has to tell us.

This month’s meeting is sponsored by Comsys! Many thanks to them for their help.


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