Lambda Lounge v1.0, Humanity v2.0

Posted: November 29, 2009 by Alex Miller in Uncategorized

This coming Thursday, December 3rd at 6 pm (usual Appistry location), we will have the December Lambda Lounge meeting, which happens to be the first birthday for the lounge. The first meeting of the lounge was just one year ago where we kicked things off with talks about OCaml from Ryan Senior and about Groovy Metaprogramming from Matt Taylor.

It is thus fitting that Matt Taylor will present a topic a bit off the usual pace for the December meeting: Humanity 2.0. Matt has been developing this talk for at least six months without really having a good place to present it. I have seen some early slides and heard some early feedback that it will be a fascinating look at where our technological evolution is headed.

I also hope to do a quick recap of the year and maybe we can chat about things we’d like to do next year. We already have things planned for the first couple months of 2010. In January I’ll be taking a look at GPars, the Groovy parallel programming library and new dad Chris Newgent will be talking about Erlang Mnesia. In February Matt Stine will be traveling in from Memphis to talk about polyglot programming with OSGi. And in March James Carr is planned to look at BDD testing with jspec. Great stuff!

Technology Partners will be sponsoring the December meeting – thanks!


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