Language Shootout coming up…

Posted: April 3, 2009 by Alex Miller in Uncategorized

Thanks everyone for another great meeting last night. Kyle’s talk on Factor and Charles’ talk on Parrot/Pugs/Rakudo/Perl 6 were both entertaining and insightful.

Next month for the May meeting we’ll be doing our first language shootout! The problem at hand is a Vending Machine implementation (spec) and a number of folks have signed up on the Google group pages to develop implementations. The spec is intentionally vague as to how you drive your program (UI, command line, unit tests) to put the focus on implementing the problem.

Please update the Google group page as the month goes on so we can have an accurate picture of who’s doing what and whether or not you want to present. Once we have a good count we can decide the presentation format. The suggestions so far have been a series of short (10-15 minute) talks or an expo style where people can walk around.

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